Vapor blasting services

The 4Runner House is now doing Vapor blasting in house! Vapor blasting, also known as vapor honing or dustless blasting is one of the best ways to restore and preserve original parts with a finish like nothing else. We can refinish your original parts for your project, sell you parts pre blasted or restore parts during a repair. Being a Toyota shop we focus on classic Toyota parts but can blast any parts for your car, truck, motorcycle, atv boat, you name it. 

Vapor blasting is very beneficial for cleaning surfaces such as aluminum, brass, copper, rubber, plastic, titanium, stainless steel and more. You can also blast steel in preparation for paint or plating.

Current blasting rate is $100.00 per hour. For estimates and questions on blasting parts you can bring them to the shop or send pictures via text 214-236-8666 or email